Driving school Haarlem

Since we started in 1999, driving school Goes & Boonstra managed to build up a good name. If you are looking for a thorough driver training, but also want enjoy your lessons, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer tailor-made driving lessons with a regular instructor in the region of Haarlem. You are welcome for regular lessons, but also for getting your trailer license, caravan training, overcoming fear of driving or fear of failure, or preparing for a driving ability test.
All our lessons last 50 minutes. At the website of the CBR you can check the current passing rate of our driving school.

Regular driving lessons

We offer regular driving lessons for people without a license, and for people who have a license from another country. We offer both lessons in an automatic car and in a manual car. We build up our lessons in a structured manner, with clear explanations through illustrations and demonstrations. We choose quality over time: no more lessons then needed, but also no less.

We are available to students from Haarlem, Bloemendaal, Overveen, Velsen, Velserbroek, Santpoort, Spaarndam, Heemstede, IJmuiden, and anyone who is willing to come to Haarlem Station.

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When do you need to get a Dutch license



If you come to live in Holland and you have a license from an EU- or EER-country or from Switzerland, you are allowed to drive here during holidays or if you come to live here.

Not from EU/EER/Switzerland

If your license is issued by another country, you can drive here for 185 days. After this period, you will need a Dutch license.

High skilled migrant

Are you in the Netherlands for work (highly skilled migrant)? The 30% facility of the Tax and Customs Administration may apply to you. If that is the case, you can exchange your foreign driving license (from any country) for a Dutch driving licence. This is only possible if the foreign driving license is still valid. (Find out more ).

If this is the case, we strongly advise you to take some theoretical and practical lessons. Rules and habits may be very different from what you are used to. For instance: traffic rules and signs are taken very seriously in Holland. It’s important that you have an understanding of those to keep you and the surrounding traffic safe and trouble free. We offer practical lessons to teach you the most important rules and accepted behavior in the Netherlands. For theoretical lessons in English, we can heartily recommend Auto Theorie Haarlem.


Driving lessons for fear of failure or fear of driving

Do you suffer from fear of driving or fear of failure? We can help you with lessons, regardless if you have a driver’s license or not. Especially our instructor Annemieke specialized in these lessons, and is very experienced.

Starting point is a relaxed and safe atmosphere in which the lessons take place. Annemieke adjusts the lessons to the skills, abilities and learning pace of the student Together you will find out what triggers the anxiety or insecurity and how you can overcome it. Thus, she can prepare you step by step for independent traffic participation.

The fear of driving lessons are given in an automatic car. If there are also problems driving a manual car, we will find a way to tackle those, but not before driving in an automatic car goes smoothly. Annemieke meets her students near Haarlem Station, so your private lesson can take off right from the start.


Driving tests, lessons for people with a mild disability

We also offer lessons for people who need to take a medical ability test because of e.g., autism of AD(H)D. For people who have a mild physical disability we have an automatic car that we can adjust. It has an accelerator on the left side and an indicator on the right-hand side.


Trailer, horse trailer and caravan

Dennis is our instructor for trailer lessons. He will help you improve your maneuvering skills with trailer, caravan or horse trailer. Dennis will also train your traffic insight and participation with a large combination and get you well prepared for your exam. For these lessons you will need to come to our driving school in Spaarndam, near Haarlem.


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Theoretical lessons

To get you theoretical certificate, we advise you to take lessons . You can do this via an internet training course through video’s and slideshows, or via a live online theory course. For the English theory books and online video training, click here. For the live internet training, click here..

We recommend that you first study the theory and then work on practice questions for each part. Only once you have done this should you start with exam training.  You schedule your theory exam yourself via mijn.cbr.nl

Need more information? E-mail or call us without obligation at  023 - 533 99 75


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